Save it for a rainy day....

Sometimes you say "I´ll save it for a rainy day" but often that means never.... for example cleaning and ironing....but somehow a book that are saved for a rainy day is really saved for a rainy day.

I am such a frequent reader so I don´t save books for rainy days, but on rainy days I love to read.

On my five weeks of this summer I have a goal to read at least 20 books, I hope I can achieve that goal.

And all those 20 books must be NEW ones, not those ones I have in my shelf and like to re-read.

On it´s way from Bokus are two books in English by Nora Roberts, Whiskey beach and The perfect hope. 

On my bed right now I have a few books, one of them is The magician king, the second book in a series starting with The magicians. I am not sure when the next one is released but I hope in a near future.
That one is also in English, and that´s why I decided to do my book-blogg in English today.

I want more tips on books so I can achieve my goal this summer!! And if you buy them for me thats excellent :)

Sheldon: You can try, but you'll never catch me. Bazinga! 
Qoute from Big Bang Theory


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